Founder 3.0 Mastermind coming soon...

Imagine a mastermind that:

  • Focuses exclusively on helping purpose-driven founders (coaches, consultants, educational creators) accelerate their business to $73k+ /month
  • Follows a step-by-step co-creation model instead of a boring rigid course (to cut-off all noise and stop going around in circles)
  • Generates traffic with organic Short Form Video content, Short Form Video Ads, and email newsletters (instead of shouting, gimmicks and cold-outreach)
  • Creates and sells high-profit masterminds (that you are proud of) for recurring fees
  • Uses a simple mini-group community funnel to help you get known, liked and trusted (even if you don’t have thousands of followers and testimonials yet)
  • Where everybody is aligned towards the same goal: profit, happy clients and happy founders
  • Focuses on implementation and collaboration (mastermind) instead of being on your own
  • That feels like playing and hanging out with friends (but with real business results)