PART 1    

Sole Affiliate Marketer

It all started back in 2009 when I (Svetlin Todd) realized that college wasn’t for me and having  a corporate job would make me feel miserable. Instead I wanted to build my own business, travel the world and not be tied to one location. Growing up in one of the poorest countries in Europe has been both discouraging but also motivational, as I had no option but to go after my dreams.

The problem was not that I didn’t have the willpower to do it but that I didn’t know where to start.  

At the time affiliate marketing seemed to be the perfect choice for starting a business that can be operated entirely online. Initially I tried promoting a few digital and physical products (ranging from piano self-teaching book to supplements) but they all failed. I didn’t even make a single sale. Having no control over the sales process as well as the website content seemed to be the main problem, as most of these product pages looked horrible. It seemed like I was just wasting my time and money on something that will never work. Knowing this, I decided to talk to business owners first and ask them what their most painful problems were. They told me it was getting new customers. I started learning everything I could about acquiring new customers and lead generation; this is how my online lead generation business was born.

   PART 2    

The Business Didn't Scale

I focused on helping insurance brokers get customers online and scale their businesses through Google Ads, Bing Ads, SEO and email marketing. I had control over everything – website, funnel, ads, email list, re-marketing… I went from being a one-man-business generating 5-10 leads per day to building my first real company generating over 500 high quality leads per day with a team based around the world. My clients got results. They were scaling their companies, I was making money and it was easy for me to sign new clients.

I hired more people and we started working with clients from other industries replicating the same strategies – the problem was each new industry required more attention, as each of them was practically a new business. It was hard to deliver quality work, manage the complexity, and turn a decent profit. I realized it won’t scale.

   PART 3    

Think Win-Win

Doing the work for clients didn’t scale, so I thought: “What if I taught other people how to do it (generate the leads) instead?” I called them “students”.

Initially I was doing sessions over Skype and I was sending them Word documents to use as blueprints. Quickly my students count got pretty big (оver 300), so I summarized the knowledge and all of the resources in a course. When they completed the course the students started their own business as lead generators and I was buying every single lead from them, as they knew exactly how to generate leads of the highest quality.

The beauty of all this is that I was doing less work than ever before and my company was growing much faster. The cherry on top was what we called -“headmasters”. The students that were most proactive and were generating the highest number of leads were promoted to “headmasters”. As headmasters they now could recruit their own students and in exchange receive a commission from the company.

This new model was a success. My clients (insurance brokers) were happy, my students were happy, headmasters were happy and I was happy. WIN – WIN.

   PART 4    

There's Always More - My Mission

Going from having nothing to building a successful online business that was built entirely around my lifestyle was the most amazing experience for me. But seeing the impact we’ve made in the life of so many people was even more special. It made me realize the power of community. Our community of like-minded people from all around the world, committed to the idea of “living life on their own terms” was in the core of our success. The stories we’ve created, the life-long connections and the future business partnership will last for entire lifetime.

Ever since then, I’ve launched three other companies. All of them meeting my 3 important criteria:


Built Entirely Remotely


Can Operate Without Me


Can Be Scaled Indefinitely 

My current mission is turning Lifetime Founders into a global movement helping people transform from struggling business owners to becoming true online founders. Founders that take their business and life to all new levels. Think of us as the one stop shop you need to never stop growing as a modern-world entrepreneur. 


Ready to Scale Your Business?

I’m making myself available so that you can get one-on-one coaching. Overcome the mental blocks that are holding you back from achieving your true potential. Create a business that makes you proud and start earning the money you are worth not the money society thinks it’s normal.