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was a lonely game


Say a final goodbye to being stuck. Say hello to your new best friend – progress. We’re all about demystifying the path to success and making it easy to follow with simple battle-tested frameworks fueled by the joy of creation.


We’re not your old-school coaches. We’re your co-creators. Imagine a community that builds, grows and thrives together. As a whole. Your peers of like-minded result-driven doers all aiming towards the same goal (profit, client results and having fun) resulting in the greater good for all members.


Courses are rigid, lonely, boring and most of the time do not work. We believe in taking action, brainstorming and collaborating instead. There’s no greater joy than seeing that your daily actions produce results getting you closer to your bigger vision. And if you ever face a roadblock – we’ve got your back




Profit. Happy clients. Happy founders.The new way of growing an online education business sharing your expertise (without shouting, gimmicks or selling your soul).

Struggling to make decent profits with your business? Want to leave your footprint in this world but don’t know where to start? Don’t like seeing less skilled “influencers” win for no real reason?

Get your business off the ground and never look back with up to date strategies, an ongoing collaboration community and a team of co-creators on your side.

Made for early-stage coaches, consultants and educational creators who are stuck at $1-$5k a month.

Over 100 founders

co-created with us

"From $7,000/mo to $70,000 in 4 weeks"

Mia Kafkios, Founder


From Sweden to Beach House in Spain

"My Team Tripled
Our Monthly Sales"

Mario Torres, Founder 

Info-Product Translation Masters & InfOhana

Based in Guadalajara, MX

"LF Team Is The Real Deal For Me"

Emily Short

Health & Nutrition Coach

Based in London, UK




Lifetime Founders is led by Svetlin Todd – a purpose-driven entrepreneur who’s started his journey as a struggling solopreneur over 13 years ago selling affiliate products on the internet and has built several successful online businesses since then.

Svetlin believes that a big part of his success is due to the fact that early on his journey he was able to surround himself with successful like-minded people, consistently interact with them and learn from their experience, realizing how transformational you circle of influence can be.

He created Lifetime Founders as a home for like-minded entrepreneurs chasing big dreams, hence our mission:

To collectively help 1 Billion people build a business they are proud of.


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